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Post  huren007 on Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:29 pm

Whether you want to make a fashion statement, or need a bag that is functional there are lot many styles and types available today which offer great styles that will carry you through the day and into the night.chanel handbags , If you cannot decide which is best for you, you can try buying tips.coco , Before you buy, consider your needs, lifestyle, and personal tastes. The best bag for you should hold everything you need to carry, feel comfortable, and fit in well with the rest of your wardrobe.

Types of Handbags

Across body bag - It enables you to carry a bag whilst keeping both hands free.

Shopper bags - They are a great shopping accessory and have a top-handle with a zip or button closure.

Shoulder bags

Tote bags - The top is open so that you can shove in your gym kit or those important documents right at the last minute.Grab bags - Simply grab and go!

Occasion/Evening bags - Clutch bags are the most common occasion/evening bags. Clutches have no straps or handles and can be carried in your hand or tucked under your arm.

Purses & wallets - Available in different sizes purses and wallets are designed to keep together all your money and coins.

Handbag Tips

Always carry a purse or handbag which is in proportion to your body size.
If you do not have a handbag to match your shoes, carry a black handbag; this is basic, though some fashion designers disagree that belts and shoes have to match.

If you are a stickler on being organized, acquire handbags that have pockets, compartments

Clutch bags are fashionable, however, they can jeopardise your safety.

Keep handbag with you always and hold close to your body.

Some Do's and Don'ts for Handbags

Do not use hand creams or lotions on your leather.

Do not use baby wipes, or any other wipes on this type of leather as it may stain.

If you get oil on your handbag, put corn starch on it immediately. Rub it in to absorb the oil. Brush off with a soft toothbrush.

For ink stains: use a white eraser right away.

Do not use alcohol to remove ink stains. As you can see from the photo it does not work.

Do NOT use saddle soap. It is very alkaline.

For other spot or soiling use the white eraser.


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